Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The above photos show some of the new things I am currently working on. The first piece is my experiment with crazy quilt beading. I used one of the patterns from the book "Allison Aller's Crazy Quilting" as the base. In order to keep the piece from getting too busy I decided to go with some of my white opaque vintage Italian seed beads. The little porcelain doll figures are pieces that I made from molds taken from old porcelain doll parts from Germany. I modified the mold so that the dolls are flat on the back and have sew holes to attach them firmly to the background without glue. after I finished the seams and and attached my porcelain pieces I made strands of beaded flowers and leaves on a length of wire and couched the strands into place so the dolls seem to be lying in a bed of flowers. The lovely teal beads are also vintage Italian and you can find out more about them on my web site.
The following photos show how I am trying to use the images from vintage postcards that I had printed onto fabric. My plan is to use some mixed media along with embroidery and beads.

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