Friday, November 4, 2011

Porcelain German Doll faces and flowers

Yesterday Allison Aller e-mailed and told me about the article she wrote for the crazy quilt on line magazine and that she had used some of my porcelain flowers. I made lots of them and they are still a bit of an experiment. However I will get some more photos to post here on the blog. Should anyone need more information or have any questions please feel free to contact me either through the blog or e-mail .
I have also been working with some German doll heads and bits and pieces that I got from a German source. Some of the pieces are wonderful and I am adapting them for crazy quilting and jewelry. I made molds of the front half of the piece then cast with porcelain clay and added a flat rim and sew holes. Some of them are posted on the blog just scroll down and keep scrolling a bit and you will see them. I really like the flapper.
I will look through my photo files and see what I have there and then take some more photos. One of these days I hope I will become more adept at blog posting.

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