Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Porcelain German doll pieces

I love dolls, I love jewelry, I love porcelain, and also art quilting and crazy quilting. The result is that I made some molds from a few of the German doll bits and pieces. These are from the first batch and a few need new molds. I am going to use no-fired finishes on many of them. I wil use some for jewelry using a sorts of collaged technique where the doll piece will be surrounded by beads flowers etc. This idea will probably work well as a neck piece or brooch. I can see some of the pieces on a bit of crazy quiting surrounded by delicate embroidery and lush ribbon embroidery. Many of the pieces have holes for attaching to a background. The area of porcelain on which the doll lies could be painted to blend into the background.

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