Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fabric jewelry

The above photos are of some of my fabric bead necklaces. The black beaded necklace was done with a piece of black fabric from Sew Batik and I just put the beads on the dots which formed the pattern on the fabric. some of the others were done with various batik fabrics and alternated with large beads that complimented the fabrics. There are a couple that I used bead caps sewn to the openings on each end of the bead.
The turquoise necklace is interspersed with lampworked beads. I found the string of beads at my favorite bead store in Bismarck, ND. I did not want to use all of the beads on one piece and I decided to try using them with the fabric beads. Several times I have been asked it the necklace was heavy. The person asking the question is amazed when they find out that the big beads are fabric. One of the sort of glitzy beaded necklaces has a layer of angelina fibers over the fabric before the beading. I hope that these examples inspire some of you to come up with your own spin on fabric and jewelry.

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Gloria said...

Gorgeous! Very inspiring.