Friday, July 15, 2011

Jewelry Design for B'Sue's five and dime challenge

Now that B'Sue Boutiques is carrying some of my porcelain focal pieces I decided to make some samples using the pieces in the five and dime challenge. I knew that I wanted to use one of the glazed face pieces as the focal point and it was to be a neck piece. I found a nifty vintage brass stamping all ready to use chain and all. I am sure that any stamping or base with lots of holes would work equally well. I used just a small amount of glue to hold the face in place as I wired it into place. This piece did not have holes to use for attaching but I was still able to wire it into palace easily. The faces B'Sue has already have several holes to use for attaching or adding embellishments. The base stamping is sort of triangular so I wired some slightly cup shaped Russian finish filigree stampings into place. The three stampings were perfect places to attach the three flat backed dusty pink roses. I went into my stash of bits and pieces of vintage scrap and found a couple of lovely pieces to put around the face and wired each piece onto the base. Now the fun part. I got out my seed beads and used the fine wire to "sew" the lacy beading around the face and pull the whole piece together so it would not look like a hodgepodge of bits and pieces. I really enjoyed making this piece.
I have other pieces further down on this blog so you can just continue to scroll beyond the recent entries and see some of my earlier pieces. Some of the focal pieces are for sale via and some are available from my website

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