Friday, July 15, 2011

As I have mentioned in a couple of the above postings B'Sue Botiques offers a few of my porcelain focal pieces. Presently the pieces she has are glazed and china painted therefore the color selections are limited. I decided to experiment with fired but unglazed pieces and try products similar to B'Sues to see if I could achieve a satisfactory finish and thus customize each piece. I painted the background with a couple of coats of irrid. acrylic finish. This stuff can also be added to any other acrylic color. The flower is painted with Lumire acrylic paints. The gold trim is also an acrylic paint. I think the results are equal in looks to the glazed pieces. B'Sue has a few of the glazed and painted pieces in similar color. the pendant only has one hole so I glued a long narrow metal stamping near the top of the piece so I would have some holes to used as I added the beaded finishing. Should you like to see more of my porcelain pieces and what I have done with them please just continue to scroll down and you will find a nice variety of examples. I have some pieces for sale on my website

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