Saturday, July 16, 2011

Art Quilt

The Brush Gallery in Lowell,MA accepted this art quilt to hang in their gallery during Art Quilt Lowell 2011. This year's theme is the sea. The image in the center of the quilt was taken from a glass plate negative done by Nettie Clark, a New England photographer in the 1890's. I purchased some of her glass plate negatives some years ago. I scanned the black and white negative into my computer and with the scanner the negative was then turned into a positive. I did some adjusting of the negative using Adobe Photoshop. The image was completed using delicate digital painting techniques. The finished image was sent to Spoonflower for printing. Now what was a 4x5 image is now aprox 16"x20".
I added a four inch irregularly appliqued border using mostly hand dyes and batiks to bring the image forward and to combine the past and the present. The there is a 1/2" border of metallic Fairy Frost fabric then the dark final border. I thought this really ties the past to the present and I am further pleased that the original photograph was a female.

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norma said...

Your quilt is terrific and I liked your explanation.! I was also accepted into the Brush. Are you going to the opening?