Monday, November 15, 2010

Fabric and Jewelry

While on the topic of fabric art jewelry I remembered that I had combined some of the large enameled pieces of vintage costume jewelry with fabric. The enameled pins are rather heavy and would be difficult to wear on many garments. In addition to being heavy sometimes the pin can be rough on fabrics. I decided the I wanted to wear these old pieces and made a pendant onto which I attached the pin. I covered an oval piece of "timtex" (really heavy pellon type product)with a batik fabric that blended well with the pin. Then I beaded around the edge and added an old chain to complete the necklace. Another feature is that the pin can be attached in such a way that it will not come out therefore it will not come off and get lost. The pin with the bird has a necklace that I partially beaded with colors to compliment the pin. It is always interesting to see how various interests can crossover.

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Gloria said...

Very nice pieces! The "bird" necklace is really awesome.