Friday, August 20, 2010

A "jewel" of an Art Doll Pin

I have also been making little art doll jewelry pins. I cannot seem to discard any broken piece of jewelry. I am an avid vintage costume jewelry collector and have a rather nice stash of old and damaged bits and pieces in addition to my really nice costume jewelry. This pin started out with the head that I think was an earring. I wired it to a nice large round finding to give me the means to attach the head to the body which was another damaged pin. She has Swaroviski cup chain for legs. The cup chain is new old stock that I got by the roll at an auction last year. I used wire for all the attachments so as not to damage any of the pieces in any further way. I think this is a wonderful way to recycle old bits and pieces. I call these gals "Darling Divas". I never break up a piece of costume jewelry when I do a remake or makeover. Also if it is an undamaged piece such as a stamping or say dress clip I attach the embellishments in such a way that the original piece is not damaged and could be removed.

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