Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fun Fabulous Fabric Beads

Over the last year or so I have been experimenting with fabric beads. The ones I like the best are the round ones as they can be embellished with beads , embroidery or both. They are fairly quick to make and I can design them to perk up any outfit.
Almost any fabric will work and I usually make a couple of sample beads to see how the bead will work out. I have also found that charm packs are great because of the coordinating of the prints and colors can give lovely variety to a necklace.
The necklace can be all fabric beads but I often like to use vintage beads from broken necklaces or any other source for beads. I am a costume jewelry collector and while gathering up a nice collection I also have a good stash of scrap pieces that I have used in fabric beads, remakes of vintage pieces , and additions to my hand crafted porcelain focal pieces for jewelry.
Today I have rambled about the soft beads and in future days will post about my other creations. I have published a pattern using the fabric beads. Please check my website.

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